Why are Mezzanine Floors a Good Investment?

One of the fastest and simplest ways to maximise space is by adding a mezzanine floor. They provide a cost-effective way to increase the flooring area, so it is no surprise that they are installed in many factories and industrial workplaces throughout Australia.

When erecting mezzanine floors, there are a number of things to consider. Given that mezzanine floors are metres above the ground, there are proper features, specifications and safety measures required to meet safety standards and maximize efficiency.

Loading Capacity of Floors

Mezzanine floors need to be made of strong, durable and high-quality materials to withstand daily foot and cargo traffic.

A mezzanine floor used for office space and light storage should have a minimum loading capacity of 300 kilograms per square metre (3 kPa). For mezzanine floors that will be used for transporting heavy loads, the floor must have a weight capacity between 500 (5 kPa) to 1000  kilograms per square metre (10 kPa) .  Our engineered design floor ensures that that your loading capacity requirements are met.

Other requirements for loading capacity design depend on the proposed use of the mezzanine floor, so discuss with the suppliers and installation team to ensure the specification of the flooring is structurally sound.

Lighting and Smoke Detection Requirements

Workspaces with mezzanine floors need sufficient lighting to meet basic safety requirements. If spaces underneath the mezzanine floor will be used as storage rooms or offices, lighting must be fire rated to one hour to maintain the fire protection capacity of the ground floor.

Each room and area above and underneath your mezzanine floor must have a smoke detector to meet fire safety standards. Most fire detectors can easily be integrated into the workplace’s existing fire alarm system.

Mezzanine Safety Measures

Additional safety measures must be applied to elevated work areas like mezzanine floors. Safety handrails must be provided at a certain height depending on use. The mezzanine floor must be installed with enough clearance for employees to work, both at the mezzanine level and below.  Depending on the nature of the work, safety nets may be required to prevent accidents from falling objects.

Maximum Spatial Efficiency with ADEX GROUP’s Mezzanine Systems

Increase your floor space and¬†maximise¬†your workplace’s spatial efficiency with raised storage platforms and¬†industrial mezzanine systems¬†made by ADEX GROUP. Our mezzanine floors offer a fast and economical way to increase the working or storage area of your existing building.

With Adex’s mezzanine floors, you can double your workspace without having to spend extra on building or rent. Our industrial mezzanine floors are completely demountable, making it easy for companies to relocate.

We also provide mezzanine offices ideal for conference halls, staff rooms, changing rooms and other purposes.

All of our products can be adapted to a client’s individual requirements and specifications.

Australia’s Leader in Industrial Mezzanine systems

ADEX GROUP has built a reputation for high-quality design, construction and customer service in Australia’s industrial sector.

We have our own in-house manufacturing site that allows us to produce mezzanine systems that meet client specifications. We provide on-site delivery and installation services.

Get in touch with us today for a no-obligation quote service.

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