Mezzanine Offices

Elevated Office Areas are design to accommodate each customer’s individual needs

We Have The Skills And Experience To Build Mezzanine Offices

Adex Group takes pride in our spacious warehouse mezzanine offices. Designed according to each customer’s needs, our designs create the space needed by your on-site staff.

We customise to fit around existing equipment, building columns and other obstructions.

A mezzanine office in a warehouse provides a comfortable and spacious section for your staff. Whether it’s for administrative work, training sessions, meetings or lunch breaks, we’ll build you the space you need.

Adex Group begins with a survey of your existing facilities. We check what designs would be viable for your set-up. Our experts would also check the plumbing and ventilation and incorporate the answers to these concerns in the construction of the mezzanine office.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our team. We offer a free design and quote service.

Maximise Space And Productivity With Adex Group

You can do a lot with an industrial Mezzanine like:

  • Double your existing space
  • Put available vertical space to good use
  • Give your employees a lounge area
  • Ensure quick turnaround time for installations
  • Save on construction costs
  • Create more space without expanding
Expand your business with our team today.
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