Mezzanine Offices

Elevated Office Areas Designed to Meet the Needs of your Team

Prioritise Productivity with a Purpose-Built Mezzanine Office

Make the most of your warehouse’s vertical space with Adex Group’s team of mezzanine construction experts. We build each mezzanine according to your requirements and Australian Standards, giving you space-efficient and top-performance warehouse solutions. 

Adex Group is renowned for our spacious warehouse mezzanine offices. Designed according to each customer’s needs, our designs create the space needed by your on-site staff. A mezzanine office space in a warehouse provides a comfortable and spacious section for your staff. Whether it’s for administrative work, training sessions, meetings or lunch breaks, we’ll build you the space you need.

We begin with a survey of your existing facilities. We check what designs would be viable for your set-up. Our experts would also check the plumbing and ventilation and incorporate the answers to these concerns in the construction of the mezzanine office. We customise to fit around existing equipment, building columns and other obstructions. From advice to enquiries, our friendly team is more than willing to help you during the process. After all, we pride ourselves in nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients. With customer satisfaction in mind, our business ensures three things: Quality, Commitment and Consistency.

If you have any questions about mezzanine offices in warehouses, don’t hesitate to call our team. We also offer a free design and quote service.

Maximise Space And Productivity With Adex Group

You can do a lot with an industrial mezzanine office, such as:

If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to invest! Double your warehouse floor space with a custom mezzanine.

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