Industrial Warehouse Stairs

As leaders in mezzanine floor construction, we manufacture robust
industrial mezzanine stairs that get you on your mezzanine floor safely and efficiently.

Adex Group Provides You With A Safe Way to Your Elevated Area

Stairs are a key feature of your mezzanine floor. To ensure the safety of your team, Adex Groups manufactures industrial stairs that comply with the building code and Australian Standards not only protecting you & your team, but also the loads they carry.

Our team designs each staircase to Australian standards, providing a wide range of options on high quality materials to meet your requirements and to ensure the safest and most efficient staircase. Our custom built products provide excellent warehouse solutions for your business.

As leading mezzanine floor manufacturers in Australia, Adex Group builds industrial stairs according to Australian standards.

We Build Superior Industrial Staircases

Our experts put a premium on your team’s safety. Our industrial stairs sport safety features that guard your team against injuries. We design handrails either on one or both sides of the stairs, according to building standards. This paves the way for a safe and easy climb. 

For landings and treads, we ensure the right material is used to reduce the risk of injury on the stairs, giving you peace of mind. 

Save More Space With Adex Group’s Industrial Mezzanine Stairs

You don’t want bulky structures to stand in the way of your team, nor do you want to waste precious space in your warehouse. We build efficient, space-saving and safe industrial stairs. Our team studies your environment and requirements and determines the best possible solution.

We also see to it that the stairs are an ideal width for transferring items. This makes it easier and safer to move items between floors. Although we want to save space, we do not compromise the safety or efficiency of your team.

If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to invest! Double your warehouse floor space with a custom mezzanine.

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