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Staircases – Ladders – Ramps
Easy and safe access to elevated areas, platforms and roof spaces with our staircases, ladders and ramps.

Safe and Secure Access

In every workplace, the safety of your team is our priority. Adex Group builds access stairs, ladders or ramps engineered to comply with Australian Standards.  Custom design and high-quality materials ensure our staircases, ladders and ramps guard the safety of your team.  Our safety rails or handrails is made to Australian standards requirement.

Developed through years of experience, consistent quality service and workmanship our Staircases are custom made to your requirement and specification.

Our Stair ladders are an option to consider where floor space is scarce. Our space-saving and safety complying ladders also maximise your space.

Our experienced team will guide you to the best solution, whether it’s a staircase, ladder or ramp. Ensuring easy and safe access to elevated areas, platforms and roof spaces

If You Have Been Holding Back On Doubling Your Warehouse Floorspace, Now’s The Time To Invest!

Take Advantage Of The Instant Tax Write Off Of Up To $150,000.

OPTIONAL: Upload plans, drawings or photos.

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