Adex lockable sliding gates

A simplistic design but sliding gates have the most efficient means of providing a loading point on your Raised Storage Platform. The Adex lockable sliding access gate varies in size and is designed to accommodate each client’s individual needs, reaching a maximum opening width of 1800 mm.

The Adex Roll over Safety Gate

Roll over gates provides a safe loading area on the edge of a platform for goods. The purpose of the Roll Over gate is to provide the highest level of safety at all times as goods are loaded and unloaded from platforms. As WH&S is major issue when it comes to safety in the work place, Adex Roll over Safety Gates are an asset to any warehouse space. 

The self-closing swinging gate and Double Swing Gates

Another option available if space does not allow for sliding or roll over gates is a single or double self-closing swing gate. Our designers will ensure the best solution for you.

If you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to invest! Double your warehouse floor space with a custom mezzanine.

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