The Advantages of Installing Mezzanine Floors over Warehouse Expansion

Investing in warehouse expansion is a common practice in many industries, especially for companies that are experiencing steady growth. Increased demand for a company’s products needs the corresponding increase in operational capacity, which can translate into needing more warehouses that can serve as storage and distribution sites. The rise of e-commerce businesses, for example, is one of the drivers of increased warehouse space, given its nature of dealing with frequent and individual transactions.

If your warehouse facility is frequently exceeding its storage capacity and disrupting company operations, increasing the storage space of your warehouse is a necessary step. However, instead of deciding immediately on facility expansion or major renovation, consider first whether your warehouse is maximising its available space. In some cases, the problem is not due to the lack of storage but the under-utilisation of warehouse space.

One possible solution to optimise warehouses undergoing storage issues is the installation of mezzanine systems. These systems consist of raised platforms that are built into the existing layout of your warehouse, thereby increasing storage capacity by moving upwards. Because these are minor operations unlike large-scale renovations or acquiring new buildings, mezzanines are convenient alternatives if you are looking to add more storage to your facility.

Space Utilisation

Mezzanine systems occupy vertical space, allowing you to utilise the area towards the ceiling of the warehouse. Adding multiple mezzanine floors can easily double or triple the existing floor area capacity of your facility, which is especially useful if your current storage issues are solvable by adding this amount of space. Additionally, you can utilise the new area for establishing offices or meeting areas.

Storage Accessibility

Instead of having two separate facilities for your storage which will require frequent transportation of materials between them, mezzanines provide convenient access to your goods and products as these systems incorporate into your original warehouse. Loading and unloading gates are part of mezzanine systems, allowing operators to transfer materials safely at different heights.

Cost-effective Alternative

Mezzanine systems are considerably less expensive than large-scale building renovations and new warehouse set-ups. Free-standing mezzanines, for example, are adaptable to different warehouse layouts and designs, allowing you to install them without having to worry about high construction costs and the disruption of regular operations. They can also be disassembled and remounted when needed, thereby minimising your need to incur future expenses.

Trusted Raised Storage Solutions

At Adex Group, we manufacture mezzanine floor systems and raised platforms for industrial applications in Australia. For over 35 years, we have provided warehouse raised storage solutions for companies in different sectors. Apart from the mezzanine systems, we also offer mezzanine offices, walkovers, ladders, barriers, loading gates and other raised platform equipment. We are committed to providing quality solutions for clients, including design and quotation packages, safety inspections and workplace optimisation services. With Adex Group, you are sure to find an innovative and cost-friendly solution to your warehouse storage needs.

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