Safety Tips and Best Practices for Safe Use of Stair Ladders

Industrial stair ladders are a necessary piece of equipment in any warehouse. However, ladders are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries. A study published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health states that roughly 5,000 Australians are hospitalised each year due to falling off a ladder. According to the study, most injuries are leg and arm fractures and minor to major injuries in the head. No matter what size your industrial ladder is or what your work requires, always take extra care when climbing up or down a ladder. Here are some safety tips and best practices to keep you and your co-workers safe when using a ladder. The Three-Point Rule One of the most important rules when climbing up or down a ladder is the three-point rule. The rule states that you should always have three points of contact when you’re on a ladder. You should have either one foot and two hands on the ladder or one hand and two feet on the ladder. Following this rule helps prevent slips, trips and falls from happening. A Clean Ladder is a Safe Ladder When it comes to ladder safety, cleanliness of the ladder is often overlooked. In an industrial environment, the steps and handrails can be covered in oil or grease. This creates a safety hazard for anyone who climbs up or down the ladder. Make sure your ladder’s steps and handrails are always clean and free from any foreign substance. Also, keep any obstructions out of the path or on the steps of your ladder. Always Maintain Proper Climbing Posture It might be tempting to climb up or down your ladder in an improper manner for convenience sake. But, the correct climbing technique and proper posture helps reduce the chances of slips, trips and falls. Always keep your hands free when going up or down the ladder to ensure you have proper balance. If you need to reach for anything or carry an item, it’s safe to bring someone along to assist you while you scale the ladder to prevent accidents from happening. Be Aware of your Ladder’s Limits Be sure to check a ladder’s weight limit and load rating to make sure its maximum load is never exceeded. If your ladder has a set maintenance schedule, follow it to find out if any part needs to be replaced to ensure continued functionality. Use ADEX Stair Ladders If you need an industrial stair ladder for your warehouse, Adex Group is the company to contact. Our stair ladders are made of highly durable chequor plate treads and landings. They have an incline between 60° to 70°, which allows them to be installed in areas where floor space is limited. The handrails are designed to fit both sides of the ladder for safe and easy access. To ensure the safety and functionality of our stair ladders, we manufacture them according to Australian Standard 1657-1992.5.6.1. Call 1800 281 303 for any enquiries about our stair ladders.

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