Barrier Accessories


A-rail is a modular handrail attachment providing a compliant 1m high handrail to the walkway side of the Adex Forklift / Pedestrian Barrier. The purpose of A-rail is to create an ultimately safe passage offering support and assistance as well as a grab point in a trip incident. A-rail is essential for escape routes, to protect and guide when visibility is an issue in the event of power failure, fire, and emergency evacuation.

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A-Stop is an option you can have on the base of you Adex Barrier. Its a 100mm x 100mm x 8mm floor fixed heavy duty angle designed to prevent pallets and forklift tines from protruding into the designated walkway.

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A-Gate is a self-closing gate attachment giving you a continuous secured barrier and providing access points were required. These gates can be place in areas of general access or positioned for the access of plant and equipment for maintenance or replacement purposes.

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