The Role of Mezzanine Floors in Business Growth

Australia consistently demonstrates economic resilience and adaptability, keeping it competitive in an increasingly challenging world economy. The Australian economy is set to have the lowest GDP growth in nearly two decades, however, this does not mean that there are not industries which aren’t growing. The country’s economy may have slowed to a decade low but it is still supported by strong institutions and has the inherent ability to respond to the global market.

If your business is growing and your warehouse facility is close to exceeding its storage capacity, consider investing in a mezzanine floor. It might just be the key to better business.

Increase Storage Space for Your Products

No matter how spacious your warehouse is, it invariably will become cluttered if the demand for your products is steadily rising. You can increase your storage volume by adding a mezzanine floor — or multiple tiers if necessary. You can also further maximise your warehouse space by decking the mezzanine with efficient racking or shelving systems.

Adding a mezzanine floor is a cost-effective way to add floor area within the existing cubic space of your facilities — you don’t have to look for a new location or spend on property expansion.

Add an Office that Fosters Productivity

Office spaces are not always a priority in warehouse facilities. But with the increasing volume of work and orders that come your way, you may need a place to do traditional office tasks. You may also need a place where you can meet with your managers or workers and touch base with them.

A mezzanine office is more than a place to conduct meetings and go over sensitive documents, though. The bird’s eye view from the raised office provides the opportunity for better warehouse surveillance. Managers can have a literal overview of daily operations without detaching themselves from the team.

Improve the Facilities for Staff Satisfaction

Mezzanine Floors

As your business grows, so does your need for manpower. Your existing warehouse space might be enough to accommodate your expanding workforce and it might limit their space during breaks.

You can turn a mezzanine floor into canteens where your workers can eat and take their breaks. You can also install toilets on the raised space that caters to more people. This way, you increase the comfort of your staff which, in turn, increases their productivity.

For safety and convenience, you can streamline transportation within the facility by building walkovers and service platforms that safely connect mezzanine levels. Obstacles and awkward spaces can be designed around and do not normally present any major engineering difficulty.

Let’s Foster Your Business Growth

At Adex Group, we design and install raised storage solutions that match the requirements of your warehouse. Our strong work ethic and extensive industry experience let us cater to your unique concerns, whether it is a small enquiry or a large project. Allow us to help your business grow.

Contact us today for enquiries about mezzanine systems, mezzanine offices and cost-friendly raised platform solutions that improve the function of your warehouse. Call us on 1800 281 303.

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