Plant Platforms

Sturdy - Lasting Support!

  • Fixed to the Roof Structure
  • Strong, Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Non- slip knurled mesh used to ensure safe access – Excellent traction
  • All loadings transferred directly to the Purlins
  • No debris traps created
  • Corrosion free materials
  • Suitable for all steel roofing systems
  • Engineered to 2.5Kpa per m²
  • Versatile
  • Simple and quick installation
  • 10 year Warranty

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Monkey Toe Plant Platforms are market leaders in providing supports for the ever growing Air-Conditioning market. The Monkey Toe System is the ‘professional Choice’ and is welcomed by the roofing industry, Architects and Design Engineers alike.

This system offers a simple yet effective method of supporting air handling units from 100kg up to 1500kg (depending on the roof structure). The Monkey Toe system can be supplied as a skeletal frame mount or as a full mesh platform, which provides a deck area for service personal.

The Monkey Toe platforms are designed to the AS/NZS 1170, parts 0, 1, 2, 3, & 5 Structural design actions and in accordance with the Building B1 Structure and B2 durability codes. The mesh deck platform is a modular system and uses a similar design to the Monkey Toe walkway. All Products used in the fabrication of the Monkey Toe plant platform system are compatible with roofing systems and are constructed from non-corrosive materials.

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