Adex provides a range of flooring types to meet all our customers’ specific individual requirements. Because each item has its own uniqueness, careful decisions are to be taken so each client accomplishes the benefits of the end results.

Particle board consist of wood fibres which are mixed with special resins and are pressed into sheets of flooring. The resulting boards offer uniform strength and dimensional stability. Both surfaces are sanded smooth for easy finishing. Particle board is ideal for application such as light storage and office use. Adex do not recommend particle board flooring for applications where pallet jacks are used.

CFC - Compressed Fibre Cement is very strong and is fire resistant. Adex recommends the use of CFC for wet areas and high point loading such as pallet jacks.

Grid Mesh, Steel Grating is strong, lightweight and economical. The grating meets the requirements of the relevant SAA code. This anti-slip surface is ideal for walkovers, catwalks, ramps, roof top platforms and applications were lighting and fire sprinklers can be used from above.

Plywood is the strongest, lightest, most versatile utility and decorative product made from a renewable resource. The strong durable pre sanded panel is recommended for high point loading such as pallet jacks and racking.

Chequor plate has superior strength and quality and is ideally suited in demanding environments where strength, durability and closed/sealed applications are paramount. The pattern retains non slip characteristics which is recommended for walkways, ramps and non-slip areas.

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